What is it?


Upload a CSV file or add list of mobile numbers, if both present only CSV file will be used.

The numbers should either be in international format (91 appended for India, 1 for US. If not found, Indian country code(i.e. 91) will be automatically appended)

The CSV file should have a column for numbers.

The mobile numbers list should be separated by comma. For eg. 9999999999, 123123123, 4321432112

Processed numbers

As soon as you start sending messages this table will get filled with the numbers to which the message has been sent.

Id Name Number Status

Important instructions

Follow the below instructions to get started
  1. Important Make sure the all the popups are allowed for https://whatsend.defcon007.com . If you don't know how to do it, follow the steps mentioned here.
  2. Important Make sure you can access WhatsApp web in the current browser.
    Click here to know how to do it.
    • Open WhatsApp web in a new tab by clicking here.
    • Log in with the account you wish to send message from, if not already logged in.
    • If you are logged in at other places too, you will see option to use WhatsApp web here. Click `Use here` option.
    • Close the tab.
  3. Download the helper chrome extension from here and load it in the browser by following the instructions from here.
  4. You are good to go now. Just select the corresponding CSV file and then select the column for mobile number, type your message and click Submit.

    Adding receiver's name to message
    • Click on Add custom field to add a new custom field.
    • Select the column from the dropdown which has the names of the receivers.
    • In Key to be replaced box, type a unique key which will be present in the message.
      Note: All the instances of this key from the message will be replaced by the value from the column you selected.
    • The key is case sensitive and should be unique, Some examples keys could be {NAME}, "NAME", etc. Using { and " toi provide uniqueness.
    And VoilĂ ! All your messages will now have the dynamic names.

    The above method can be used to add any number of custom fields to create dynamic messages from the CSV file and add unique receiver specific attributes in the messages.

    For example, if the key you selected is NAME which maps to name column in the CSV file and the message you type is,
    Hi NAME,
    Thank you being a valuable customer. Please use the code NAME-123 as coupon code for 10% off.

    If the name column has the value John for a customer, following will be the actual message that will be sent.
    Hi John,
    Thank you being a valuable customer. Please use the code John-123 as coupon code for 10% off.